Eudiny’s Privacy Policy


Effective as of February 15, 2019




Welcome to Eudiny (“Eudiny,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”). Eudiny is a mobile platform created for end-users (“YOU” or “YOUR”) to share YOUR travel experiences, discover exciting destinations, and spread Eudiny’s name and brand. Upload and share with the rest of the world the cherished and memorable moments of YOUR trips through photos and blogs/memories. And inspire travelers around the globe!


This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) explains how We collect, use, share, and manage information in connection with Our mobile application (“Our App” or ”Our Services”), and how YOU can take advantage of Our App to share YOUR Contents.


By using Our App, YOU are acknowledging YOUR understanding and acceptance that the Contents YOU post/publish through Our App, including, but not limited to, photos, texts, and locations (“Content(s)”), are shared publicly. This means that other users of Our App can search for, see, use, and/or share any of YOUR Contents consistent with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and the Terms.





1. Information We Collect


We collect several types/categories of information either directly from YOU or from YOUR devices through Our server. For your information, the different types/categories of information We collect are explained below.


Information Collected from Facebook Login:


When YOU log onto Our App using YOUR Facebook account, YOUR email, list of friends, and other public information from YOUR profile, if public, such as gender and age range will be passed onto Us.


Information Collected from YOUR activity on Our App:


When YOU upload photos to Our App, the metadata from the photo, such as the date it was taken, will automatically be passed onto Us. The actual Contents that YOU upload to Our App, such as photos, texts, and locations are also a part of the information We collect.


Information Collected from YOUR device


When you access Our App, log file information, such as the IP address, device type, and other such information will be passed onto Our server from your device.


Also, We utilize third-party analytics tools to record traffic and usage of Our App. These analytics tools collect information sent from YOUR device onto Our App, and such information is collected in mass, so that it may not be used to identify any particular individual user.




2. How We Use YOUR Information


Information Collected from Facebook Log In:


The information passed onto us from YOUR Facebook account is used for the following purposes:


- Email: YOUR email automatically creates an account/identification (the “ID”), which allows YOU to efficiently access and manage YOUR information on Our App. It also allows YOUR Contents to be saved to and linked with the ID, so that they are not deleted each time YOU log off.


- Gender nd Age Range: this is used solely for Our analytics tools.


- Friends List: We use YOUR list of friends to show YOU a list of YOUR existing friends who have visited a certain location, when you click the small person icon in the photo details.


In addition to the direct use of YOUR information such as YOUR friends list created on Our App, We use the information for the following purposes:


- Manage, improve and monitor the efficiency and the effectiveness of Our App


- Develop and test new features as well as diagnose and fix problems


- Monitor various metrics such as traffic


- Automatically update the application




3.  Sharing of YOUR Information


Wanderlust and Your Information


We do not rent or sell YOUR information to third parties. The ownership of all of the Contents solely belong to the users who uploaded the original contents, and We do not rent or sell any Contents to third parties without the user’s consent.


However, by using Our App, YOU agree and understand that YOUR Contents may be used by Us for non-commercial purposes, such as for the creation and design or Our website, social media, or marketing campaigns, with proper credit to the user who uploaded the used content.


YOU and YOUR Information


When YOU upload Contents to Our App, the uploaded contents become available and open to the public. Once the Contents have been made public, those shared contents may be re-shared by other users with or without YOUR knowledge or consent. We do not monitor the re-sharing activities of the already published contents. Also, once the Contents have been made public, they can be searched by other users through Our App.


If YOU remove the Contents that YOU have posted/published to Our App, copies of them might still remain in cached or archived pages of Our App, or if other users have copied or saved those Contents.




4.  How to Contact Us


If YOU have any questions or inquiries regarding Our Privacy Policy or App, please contact Us through our User Support Center.