Eudiny’s Terms of Use


Effective as of February 15, 2019




By using Eudiny’s (“We,” “Us,” or “Our”) mobile app (“Our App” or “Our Services”), the end-users (“YOU” or “YOUR”) agrees to accept and adhere to the following terms and conditions of use (the “Terms”).


Our App does not contain features that enable YOU to have a personal profile page or any form or method of direct contact with other users. Therefore, most of the Terms pertain solely to any photos, texts, and locations (“Content(s)”) that YOU upload to Our App and, thereby, make public.


The Terms are very simple and for a reason. Unlike the many standard End-User Agreements prevalent in the mobile app industry, our terms are without complex legal jargon and convoluted language, so that they can be easily understood and adhered to


Any violation of the Terms may result in refused access to Our App, and We reserve the full and complete right and discretion to determine such refusal in the event of a violation.

The Terms:


1.  YOU must be 12 years old and older to use Our App.


2.  YOU may not post or publish violent, nude, pornographic or other sexually suggestive photos or texts on Our App. A full-time surveillance team of Our staff will delete such Content immediately upon finding. (We reserve the full and complete right and discretion to determine if any published Content is deemed to fall within the categories listed above.) If YOUR published Content is subject to such deletion and removal five (5) times or more, YOU will lose access to Our App indefinitely.


3.  YOU may not use Our App for illegal purposes, and YOU must respect and follow all laws, rules, and regulations.


4.  YOU are solely responsible for all of YOUR published Contents, including texts and photos.